Tom Hughes
Executive Director 
Jeffery Erdman
Associate Executive Director 
Nancy Caldwell
Chief Financial Officer 
Tracey Smith, DNP, APRN
Director of Community Health & Programs
Krissy Roseberry
Associate Director Special Projects 
Patrick Holstein
Fiscal Manager 
Rachael Clark
Training and Membership Coordinator  
Maureen Colston
Association Support  
Nicole Dodd
Business, Fiscal and Project Associate 
Angela Hall
Project Manager 
Lanie Kepler, MPA
AmeriCorps Director 
Melvin Laureano
Assistant Director of HIV Programs
HIV Third Party Billing Project Manager 
Kayla Lowe
Business and Fiscal Manager  
Mike Maginn
HIV Prevention Director 
Tim Mattsson
Association Support 
Phil Talley
Project Manager
Patricia Torchia
Lead Health Educator
Abby Walden
LMS/Data Systems Coordinator


Contracted Staff:

Jerry Caldwell

Makeda Coutee

Lyndon Schuyler

Shannon Sisk

Perry Maier 

Monde Nyambe 

Chitaia Stover