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View Governor's Proclamation declaring April 4-10 NPHW in Illinois

Organized by APHA, National Public Health Week, or NPHW, will bring together communities across the country from April 4-10 to recognize public health contributions and highlight issues that are important to improving our nation’s health. This year’s theme, “Healthiest Nation 2030,” defines one central challenge for Americans: to make the U.S. the healthiest nation in one generation.

Americans are living 20 years longer than their grandparents’ generation, thanks largely to the work of public health. Still, people in many other high income countries live longer and suffer fewer health issues than we do.  This is the defining challenge of our generation – a challenge that we, the public health community, are uniquely positioned to help overcome.

APHA's NPHW website has all of the tools and tips you'll need for having a successful National Public Health Week 2016!