Press Release: IPHA partners with CDP, Inc. to Enhance LHD Billing integrated with Electronic Health Records


Press Contact:Tom Hughes Executive Director Illinois Public Health Association (217) 522-5687

IPHA partners with CDP, Inc. to Enhance Revenue Generation for Local Health Departments through a Billing System fully integrated with Electronic Health Records

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, February 5, 2015 -- The Illinois Public Health Association (IPHA) today announced a new partnership with CDP, Inc. to assist local health departments (LHDs) with enhanced billing capabilities that are fully integrated with the Electronic Health Record solution (ezEMRx).

Although LHDs in Illinois are the most common provider of vaccines to Medicaid-eligible children, only 10-15 percent of them have developed full capacity to bill public or private insurance carriers for vaccines provided. During the last year, LHDs provided over 150,000 vaccinations to under-insured children or children with private insurance. In addition, LHDs remain a key provider of selected adult immunizations, providing over 77,000 vaccinations to adults during the last year.

With 48 percent of LHDs across the country reporting that they reduced or eliminated services in 2012, and 31 percent of them cutting jobs in 2014, it is essential that Illinois LHDs develop the capacity to bill public or private insurance carriers for immunization services in order to capture reimbursement for services, increase health department revenue and increase immunization coverage levels.

Through a new partnership, agencies that are members of IPHA will be able to work with CDP through the Immunization Billing Project, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the Illinois Department of Public Health, to enhance their ability to bill third party payers for immunizations and other billable services, while also ensuring that their system is fully integrated with Electronic Health Records (EHR). Revenues generated from this project enable LHD’s to continue offering immunization services and, in some cases, it may allow health departments the ability to expand the scope of services that they offer.

CDP’s EHR solution (ezEMRx) is a certified stage 1 and 2 Meaningful Use / Public Health ready Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution. This new system will include a full Revenue Cycle Management system that is fully integrated with their EHR. Other features include Insurance Eligibility Verification, Credentialing and Contracting Services, Scheduling, Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Inventory Management, and various other Practice Management Services. All of these features are designed specifically to meet the needs of local health departments.

“The Immunization Billing Project has been a valuable resource to our local health departments and this new partnership with CDP, Inc. will allow even further service benefits by integrating billing systems with Electronic Health Records” says Tom Hughes, IPHA Executive Director.

CDP’s primary business is providing service to government. Consequently, they are familiar with the needs and constraints that are involved in working in the public sector. They understand the need for cost controls, stakeholder participation, predictable outcomes and a high quality product. CDP has implemented national, statewide, district, and county-level public health data systems and is uniquely qualified to understand and fulfill the needs of local health departments.

“CDP is thrilled to be working with the Illinois Public Health Association. We fully embrace the goals of IPHA and its members and are excited to assist in consolidating systems and its data for ease of accessibility, data mining and maximizing reimbursements while eliminating dual and triple entry of data” states Mike Peth, CDP Director, Sales & Marketing.

About IPHA

Founded in 1940, the Illinois Public Health Association, an affiliate of the American Public Health Association, is Illinois' oldest and largest voluntary organization devoted exclusively to matters of public health. As a professional society for those engaged or interested in public health, the Association is devoted to improving the health of Illinois residents through fulfilling its mission, which is to lead and advance public health practice in Illinois. More information about IPHA can be found at

About CDP, Inc.

CDP, an Illinois-based firm, is a nationally-recognized corporation specializing in custom software solutions for Public Health with applications ranging from environmental health inspections to electronic medical records, and with a specialized practice focusing on WIC services. CDP’s healthcare portfolio includes more than 30 years’ experience in custom software development, hosted software applications, web-based and mobile application development, network services, and a full range of customer support services. CDP understands government processes and regulations in the public healthcare industry, having developed customized solutions to help agencies meet federal and state guidelines as well as electronic business requirements. For more information, visit their website at


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