STI Lab Processing Agreement

The Illinois Public Health Association is pleased to announce an agreement with Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, LLC (MDL), that will offer Illinois local health departments and state clinics special discounted pricing for sexually transmitted infection (STI) lab processing.  MDL is a New Jersey-based organization that strives to bring the most innovative, quality testing platforms to the healthcare community.  MDL employs a “hands on” approach to partner with clients rather than merely providing services for them.

Under this agreement, MDL is offering lab processing at the following discounted costs:

  • Chlamydia:  $10.00
  • Gonorrhea:  $10.00
  • Trichomonas:  $10.00

Included in these rates are all the supplies clinics will need to collect samples and free shipping of supplies/samples to and from clinics.  Additionally, MDL includes resistance testing on samples and will provide reports of test results to each clinic and the state health department, as required. 

Health departments and clinics interested in taking part in this discounted program should contact MDL at 800-690-7762 and mention their interest in receiving discounted STI lab processing through the Illinois Public Health Association agreement.  Interested parties can also visit the MDL website at and/or view the informational materials included here.







IPHA will be scheduling a free webinar in the near future that will introduce this program and MDL staff to interested local health departments and clinics.  In the meantime, if you have questions regarding this opportunity, please contact IPHA at 217-522-5687.


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