Immunization Billing Project generates revenue for local health departments

IPHA is very pleased to report that the claims revenue received by the health departments that are participating in the Immunization Billing Project is greatly exceeding expectations.

“Using ezEMRx is paying off for our agency and we are starting to receive sizeable monthly reimbursement checks,” said Don Cavi, Administrator of the Logan County Health Department. During the months of August 2015 and September 2015, Logan County Health Department received more than $38,000 in paid claims. When Logan County Health Department contracted with CDP to use ezEMRx, the electronic medical records system that includes complete revenue cycle management, its projected monthly revenue was $8,000 per month. Thus far, the amount of revenue actually collected is more than double that amount!

McLean County Health Department is also experiencing good results. During the months of August 2015 and September 2015, McLean County Health Department received more than $44,000 in paid claims. Both Logan and McLean are using ezEMRx for both electronic medical records and billing services.

Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Department was the first health department to take advantage of the billing-only option for this project, which allows smaller health departments access to CDP’s full revenue cycle management system without the costs of the EMR. During the months of August 2015 and September 2015, the gross revenue from paid claims at Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Department was more than $59,000.

“Overall, I’m glad that we did it,” said Robin Koehl, Administrator of Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Department. “We’d be missing out on revenue that we would not have otherwise been able to capture if we didn’t do it.”

All together, these three health departments have received more than $141,000 in paid claims revenue in just two months!

In addition to the claims revenue exceeding expectations, IPHA has also been receiving rave reviews of the excellent customer service that the CDP and ezEMRx team is providing.

“Overall, I think that the system is working and CDP did a great job with developing, training and implementation,” said Cathy Dreyer, Fiscal Manager, McLean County Health Department. Don Cavi stated, “We feel we have a partnership with CDP, for if we don’t succeed in capturing our revenue, neither do they. We both have a common goal and will do what is necessary to build a successful revenue stream to ensure the success of both parties.” Don also added, “CDP staff is easily accessible, quick to respond and they proactively initiate weekly contacts with our staff to ensure the system is meeting our needs.”

Using ezEMRx has also made the transition to ICD-10 a lot easier. “It was so helpful to have CDP transfer all of our ICD-9 codes over to ICD-10. We did nothing for this transition,” said Kara Davis, BSN, Assistant Administrator/Director of Nursing for Logan County Health Department. Robin Koehl stated, “Knowing CDP was handling the ICD-10 changes took the weight off of our staff.” “With recent staff lay-offs, this was extremely helpful.”

Having a billing team that follows up on submitted claims is one of the great advantages of using ezEMRx. “We love the fact that the ezEMRx system does all of our claim follow-up, payment recovery and record documentation,” said Don Cavi. “It’s like having an additional billing and medical records department in our office without having to hire new employees. This saves our staff time and reduces our overhead.” Robin Koehl reported, “If a claim is rejected or denied for any reason, they go after it.”

Twenty local health departments in Illinois have now contracted with CDP; of these, eight have contracted to use both the electronic medical records and revenue cycle management services, and 12 have contracted to use the revenue cycle management system only (the “billing only” option). Eight health departments have successfully completed their training and implementation and are now using the system; 12 are at various stages of training and implementation and will soon be enjoying more revenue from billing.

Don’t miss out on this outstanding opportunity to generate more revenue for your health department. During these trying financial times, it benefits all local health departments in Illinois to look into this project and the billing options. Grant funds are limited for the project, so do not delay!


For more information, please contact Philip Talley, Project Manager, 217-522-5687 or


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