Regulatory Update for the week of January 18, 2016

There were no items pertaining to public health published in the January 15, 2016 issue of the Illinois Register.



The Department of State Police has issued emergency rules pertaining to 9-1-1 systems.

Notice was given of that a major revision to the Department of Children and Family Services’ administrative rules has been adopted.  This issue also contains replies to objections raised by the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules regarding several of the rules amended.



Several agencies published “Regulatory Agendas” for the next six months.  Please consult the January 15 issue for further information.

Items of interest in the Regulatory Agendas include:

The Department of Human Services plans to publish amendments to the Maternal and Child Health Services Code, the Family Planning Services Code, the Problem Pregnancy Health Services and Care Projects Code, the WIC Vendor Management Code, the School-Based/Linked Health Centers Code, the Illinois AmeriCorps Program Code, the Administration and Funding of Community-Based Services to Youth Code (the administrative rules for the Comprehensive, Community-Based Youth Services program),  the Early Intervention Program Code, the Partner Abuse Intervention Code, the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program Code, and others.  Changes will be proposed to make the rules conform to the requirements of the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act and, where appropriate, note that responsibility for programs has shifted from IDHS to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

An amendment to allow prospective employees to appeal the results of criminal background checks will be proposed for the Child Care Code.

The Department of Revenue will propose amendments to the Cigarette Tax Act Code so that it reflects the provisions of (federal) P.L. 111-154, the federal “Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act of 2009; P.A. 96-782; P.A. 97-587; P.A. 96-1027;  P.A. 97-688; and P.A. 98-1005.  It will also propose amendments to the Cigarette Use Tax Act Code so that it reflects PA 95-1053 (new definitions and penalties); PA 96-782 (technical clean-up and penalties); PA 97-587 (manufacturer representatives authorized); PA 96-1027 (secondary distributors authorized); and PA 97-688 (increased the tax rate for

cigarettes); and PA 98-1055 (Cigarette Retailer Licensing provisions and associated recordkeeping and enforcement requirements).  Further, it will propose new rules for the Hydraulic Fracturing Tax Code, implementing P.A. 98-22 and P.A. 98-23.  It will also propose amendments to the Tobacco Products Act of 1995 Code, include changes made by PA 97-688 which increased the tax rate for tobacco products and imposed a new weight-based tax rate on moist snuff. Provisions will also be added to reflect the provisions of PA 98-273, which added a definition of little cigars, taxed these items under the Tobacco Products Tax Act at the rate established for cigarettes, and established specific provisions governing their distribution and reporting. Rules will also be amended to reflect the provisions of PA 98-1055, which establishes Tobacco Product Retailer Licensing provisions and associated enforcement and recordkeeping requirements.



The proclamations designating (1) Calhoun, Jackson, Jersey, Madison, Monroe, Randolph, and St. Clair Counties and (2) Alexander, Christian, Clinton, Douglas, and Morgan Counties as disaster areas is included in the January 15 issue.


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