Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois: Blue Choice Preferred PPO

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) has made changes to their 2016 Healthcare Marketplace offerings. Most significantly is the introduction of their new product, Blue Choice Preferred PPO. This product is offered to members purchasing retail policies both on and off the Marketplace. It impacts clinics and hospitals statewide, including local health departments. To help you understand how these changes may impact your office, IPHA has teamed up with BCBSIL to present an educational webinar that will provide more detailed information. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois: Blue Choice Preferred PPO

February 9, 2016



1. 2016 Healthcare Exchange

2. Public Health Department Impacts

3. Identifying Blue Choice Preferred PPO Members

4. Verifying Your Network Status

5. Supporting Resources



Presenter: J’ne Kanady
J’ne Kanady is the assigned Provider Network Consultant for Central and Central East Illinois. She has been employed with BCBSIL for 10 years and has worked extensively with professional and facility providers. A graduate from the University of Illinois at Springfield, her academic focus was English Literature, Business Administration and Secondary Education.  Throughout her BCBSIL tenure, J’ne has gained additional certifications in Adult Learning, as well as Training and Development.  Her professional focus has always been provider centric with a passion for enhancing provider inquiry support offered through the BCBSIL Web channels. Her knowledge of the health care industry as well as her ability to understand the uniqueness of the provider perspective enables her to facilitate an engaging learning experience.


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