Webinar - Health in All Policies

Last month, The University of Illinois Extension engaged a statewide audience in discussions around the Opioid Epidemic, where they learned that more people in Illinois die due to opioid overdose annually (approximately 2,000 deaths) than due to car crashes or gun violence. In learning about the social determinants of health in Illinois, they learned that the rural health workforce is declining while rural health disparities are worsening. The relationship between these community health crises and our economic stability is very real. Please do not miss the continuing conversation as we dive into how local leaders can integrate health considerations in policymaking in order to improve the health issues in communities across the state. REGISTER HERE

Health in All Policies

Presented by Laura Kessel, SIU School of Medicine

Noon-1PM, Thursday, December 7, 2017

Health is created by a multitude of factors beyond healthcare and, in many cases, is beyond the scope of traditional public health. According to the CDC, Health in All Policies (HiAP) integrates health considerations into policymaking to improve health across communities. This presentation will describe HiAP and give examples of ways local governments could consider a HiAP approach when making decisions about their communities.

Laura Hepp Kessel, MSW, is the Assistant Director for the western region of Illinois. Her responsibilities include collaborating with local stakeholders to address community health issues across the region, supporting the Assistant Provost of Clinical and External Affiliations in regional health efforts, and supporting the interdepartmental efforts that expand SIU’s programs in population health and regional service programs.


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