Leadership in Practice: A Digital Exchange - 4 part webinar series


Leadership In Practice: A Digital Exchange

Join the Midwestern Public Health Practice Center for a Digital Exchange of resources, best practices, and new approaches to Public Health 3.0 to build strong leaders and develop the workforce.  Not your typical webinar, this innovative Exchange brings together a panel of leaders from across Region VII for an open dialogue around the themes of Public Health 3.0: A Call to Action to Create a 21st Century Public Health Infrastructure:
  • Cultivating Strategic Partnerships on Tuesday, March 13 @ 2pm CST

  • Sharing Outside of the Box on Thursday, March 22 @ 12pm CST

  • Using a data query system for public health application on Tuesday, March 27 @12pm CST

  • Foundational Infrastructure: A Focus on the Public Health Brand on Tuesday, April 3 @ 12pm CST


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