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Award Description:

The Illinois Public Health Association with funding from the HRSA funded Great Lakes Public Health Training Collaborative, will make available five Public Health 3.0 Best Practice Awards. This funding opportunity is part of Public Health is Stronger Together (PHIST) Initiative. Recipients will be certified local health departments in Illinois who propose a project to move their agency forward in implementing the PH 3.0 framework.  Up to five $1000 awards will be provided, and the awards will be chosen by a peer review panel. The PH 3.0 framework encompasses the following: strong leadership; strategic cross sector partnerships; flexible and sustainable funding; use of timely and locally relevant data, metrics, and analytics; and foundational agency infrastructure.  The awards will be given to those local health departments whose proposed projects best illustrate a forward movement on implementation of PH 3.0 concepts.  Applicants are encouraged to attend the PH 3.0 Forum on May 2 and 3rd and will be eligible even if this is the first step in the process. Local health departments of all sizes are encouraged to apply and there will be consideration given to spreading the awards geographically throughout the state.


Applicants should identify a specific project that will be implemented from June to November 2018 that moves your agency and community to fuller implementation of PH 3.0 concepts. Possible projects would include:

  • Identify and use data in innovative ways in decision making such as implementing community wellness scores; identifying zip codes of need in your community
  • Develop new partnerships to address one of the following social determinants of health: safe and secure housing, food security, education, or transportation
  • Develop a system to bridge the gap between clinical care and public health
  • Develop or expand collaborative partnerships including those at the neighborhood-level and the non-health sectors
  • Develop innovative funding such as developing a foundation or securing private partnerships

Award information:

Up to five awards will be awarded with a max funding amount of $1,000. The funds may be used for expenses related to implementing the proposed project; but may not be used to purchase food. 

Applications are due on Monday, May 21, 2018 to Illinois Public Health Association. 

Awards will be announced by Monday, June 4, 2018.

Funding will be distributed by check from the Illinois Public Health Association shortly following notification of the award.

Projects should be conducted between June 4 - November 30, 2018.

Awardee Responsibility:

Assist IPHA staff in promoting the implementation of the PH 3.0 framework in Illinois. Awardees will need to share a mid-project report on Monday, August 13, 2018. A final presentation report on project success by November 30, 2018.

IPHA Responsibility: 

Provide training and support on the PH 3.0 framework and provide opportunities for sharing of awardee best practices.

Monthly webinars will be offered May- August to support implementation of PH 3.0 concepts.  The webinars will feature discussion and problem solving around barriers to implementation and some best practice examples.  The webinars will be open to everyone. The departments who receive the awards will be asked to share their work on one of the proposed webinars or at the IPHA conference September 5-7, 2018.

All applications must be submitted online here

Be prepared to provide the following information for the online application:

  1. Provide a brief description of the local jurisdiction, include basic population demographics and current key partnerships
  2. Which of the PH 3.0 concepts will your project address:   
    • Chief Health Strategist

    • Cross Sector Partnerships

    • Local, actionable data, analytics, or metrics

    • Flexible, sustainable funding

    • Foundational agency infrastructure (alignment with PHAB standards)

    • Other, please describe______________________

  3. Please briefly describe your community’s current work related to PH 3.0.        
  4. Briefly describe the proposed project including the project overall goal(s); the project objectives—what will be accomplished by November 30, 2018; how this project fits into long term plans for implementing PH3.0 framework and who will be the key community partners. 
  5. Briefly describe the knowledge, skills, and/or end products your agency hope to have upon completion of this proposed project.



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