Medicaid Benefits Open House April 25 at Macon County Health Department

On Wednesday, April 25, there will be a Medicaid Benefits Open House at the Macon County Health Department in Decatur. 

As you may already know, 85% of all Medicaid beneficiaries are currently being moved to an MCO plan.  Information packets about the new MCO plan options have already been mailed to most Medicaid clients. If they do not respond by selecting the plan of their choice, then they will be automatically assigned to one. 

This open house is a great way for Medicaid beneficiaries in central Illinois to learn more about their new plan options and benefits.  The information provided at this open house will help them make an informed decision about which plan to select.  It is also a very good opportunity for public health professionals to learn more about the new Medicaid managed care plans and to network with personnel from the MCOs. 


View Open House Flyer


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