AIDS Foundation of Chicago's 2018 HIV & HCV Drug Guide Available


Every year, AFC conducts a review of the Medicaid Health Plans available to people living with HIV on each of the operating Illinois Medicaid health plans. While this information is updated regularly by plans and the state, it provides a snapshot at the different general levels of coverage and the particular drugs being offered in each plan. 

This allows for health insurance decisions to be made with all relevant and necessary information.

This information was collected by AFC staff in April of 2018 to help people with HIV choose a Medicaid health plan. AFC has collected information on HIV and Hepatitis C medications.

Please keep in mind: Do not rely solely on the information in this document to choose a plan – it is only a guide. Consult a trained enrollment assister for help in selecting a plan. You can reach AFC’s navigators at 312-784-9060.  Always verify medication coverage directly with a plan before enrolling. Insurance companies can change their coverage without notifying consumers.

Click here to access the guide!


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