Health in the Headlines: July 11, 2018

These daily health updates are provided to you as a courtesy from IPHA member Dennis Brennan and affiliate IPHA member DuPage County Health Department.  We thank them for their contribution.



Local Health Departments in the News


Lake County Health Department

Lake County News Sun

New County Health Center in Zion Designed to Meet Unmet Need

A new Zion Health Center is allowing the Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center providers to expand access to patients in and around the Zion area with a number of additional services for adults and children that a previous building couldn't house. On Monday, county dignitaries gathered for a tour of the renovated facility, which opened to the community at 1911 27th St. on June 14. The new location sits just steps away across the street from the old health center, which will be torn down this week to create additional parking for the new building, said Mark Pfister, the Health Department’s executive director.


McHenry County Health Department

Woodstock Independent

McHenry County Reports Nine Cases of Legionnaires’ Disease

McHenry County Department of Health reported Tuesday morning that nine county residents were diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease between June 7 and July 1. Those people are from various county localities and range in age from 46 to 82 years old



Other Health News

Associated Press

News Organizations Push for Opioid Data to Be Made Public

News organizations are pushing for the public release of data detailing the distribution of prescription opioids throughout the U.S., information that could show how drug manufacturers and distributors contributed to the nation’s addiction and overdose crisis.


Boing Boing

Smoking Heroin Doesn’t Make It Any Safer

In the most recent issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Medical Association (paywall, of course,) researchers noted that, increasingly, heroin users are turning to heating the drug so that the resulting vapor can be inhaled. That's called chasing the dragon


CBS News

Why Breastfeeding is the ‘Gold Standard’ for babies

U.S. officials threatened Ecuador with punitive trade measures after the country introduced an international resolution that encouraged breastfeeding during a global health conference, according to The New York Times. The threats reportedly occurred in May at the U.N.-affiliated World Health Assembly in Geneva.


Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Nutrition Education Lacking at most Medical Schools

Few U.S. medical schools emphasize nutrition in their curricula, which is potentially undermining doctors’ abilities to effectively address chronic diseases, including heart disease and cancer.


Health and Fitness Cheat Sheet

These common foods can help ease everyday pain

As we age, we experience increasing body pain. Aside from chronic pain disorders, most pain is manageable with over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers. But some people want natural relief. Check out these common foods that can help relieve everyday aches and pains


Health Day

Heat Waves Can Dull Even Young Minds, Study Says

As America sweats through another summer, new research suggests that heat waves can slow the brains of even healthy young adults.


Long Island Press

Suicide Prevention: Talking Down Depression

The recent passings of fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain left many asking, how could two successful people who brought others such joy be so unhappy?


Medical News Today

Multivitamins ‘of no benefit’ to heart health

Since use of multivitamins and mineral supplements in the United States took off in the 1940s, it has grown into a multibillion dollar industry. Estimates suggest that these are now taken by "more than one third" of the U.S. population.

Nelson Mail

Raw Milk Warning As Campylobacter Infections Rise

A number of known risk factors for campylobacteriosis had been identified in the people affected. These were: drinking raw (unpasteurised) milk or untreated water, and contact with animals and/or nappies.


NewsMax Health

New Blood Test Can Tell When You Will Die?

Can a blood test tell when you will die? Scientists at Yale University now believe they can predict a person’s life expectancy based on the results of a simple new test.


Press Herald

Lawmakers endorse sweeping medical marijuana reforms

“Medical marijuana activists, just drop the charade of pretending there is a shred of science backing this medicine-via-pot-shops model,” he said in a Twitter comment about the reform bill.


Reader’s Digest

10 Silent Symptoms of Anemia You Shouldn’t Ignore

Anemia is defined as the condition of not having enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body, and there are many, many forms of it. Some people, like those suffering from conditions like sickle cell anemia or thalassemia, are anemic from birth; their bodies genetically inherit difficulty producing red blood cells or specific parts of red blood cells. But the greatest portion of the approximately 3.5 million Americans suffering from anemia become anemic over time through not consuming enough iron or vitamin B12, both of which, along with folate, are necessary for the production of healthy red blood cells. You need to know


State Journal Register

How to stay healthy in a public pool

Public pools and swim parks offer hours of affordable summer fun. Unfortunately, sometimes densely populated pools can equal germs galore.



Your Diabetes Diagnosis Could Improve Family’s Health

A new study found that partners of people newly diagnosed with diabetes were 50 percent more likely to attend weight management classes and 25 percent more likely to get medication to help quit smoking.



Patients With Chronic Pain Feel Caught in Opioid Prescribing Debate

Shannon Hubbard never imagined it was the prologue to one of the most debilitating pain conditions known to exist, called ­­­­­­­complex regional pain syndrome.


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