Health in the Headlines: August 7, 2018


These daily health updates are provided to you as a courtesy from IPHA member Dennis Brennan and affiliate IPHA member DuPage County Health Department.  We thank them for their contribution.



Local Health Departments in the News


Lake County Health Department

Lake County News Sun

Health Department Investigates Food-Borne Illness Outbreak

"Since May, the Health Department has investigated 43 cases of Cyclospora infection among Lake County residents. This is more than 14 times higher than the number of cases reported in 2017," said Dr. Sana Ahmed, Medical Epidemiologist with the Lake County Health Department. "We urge Lake County residents who are experiencing symptoms to seek testing from a health care provider."


Will County Health Department

New Lenox Patch

Bat with rabies found in bedroom

The Will County Health Department confirmed on Monday that a seventh rabid bat was found last week, this time in the village of New Lenox. Health officials said the bat with rabies was flying around in a house off Fir Street.




Other Health News


Bakersfield Californian

Kern Public Health Drives toward a Less hungry future with innovative program

Every day, 116,000 people in Kern County don’t know where their next meal is coming from, the Kern County Public Health Services Department says. But the health department has a plan.


CNN Health News

Teens who vape or use hookah are more likely to use marijuana later, study finds

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Southern California surveyed 2,668 students at 10 public high schools in Los Angeles beginning in fall 2013, when they were 14 years old and in ninth grade.

$2M Merck Grant Supports Regional Collaboration For Opioid Intervention

A four-year, $2 million grant from the Merck Foundation, will assist Marshall Health and its public health partners in launching the Great Rivers Regional System for Addiction Care, a collaborative opioid intervention system for Cabell, Jackson, Kanawha and Putnam counties.


Harvard Health Publishing

Belly Fat Linked with Higher Heart Disease Risk

Muffin top. Spare tire. Beer belly. Whatever you call it, research shows that extra fat around your belly poses a unique health threat.


Healio Rheumatology

Depression linked to increased axial spondyloarthritis disease activity

Depression is highly prevalent among patients with axial spondyloarthritis, and is associated with increased severe disease activity and functional impairment, according to findings published in Arthritis Research & Therapy.


Health and Fitness Cheat Sheet

The Easiest Ways to Protect your bones if you are over 50

You’ve heard from a young age that you should drink your daily glass of milk to build strong bones and teeth — but that’s not all you should be doing. WebMD notes one out of every two women and one in four men over the age of 50 will experience a fracture related to osteoporosis. And if you’re lucky enough to avoid this, then you may start to notice other signs of bone loss as you get older.


Illinois News Network   

Syphilis is Illinois’ Most Googled Health Condition

The analysis from Medicare Health Plans shows the most searched ailment for each state. Illinois’ top search was for syphilis. Nationwide, the top searches were for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, syphilis and AIDS/HIV.


Medical Daily

Living Near Busy Roads Could Cause Heart Damage

New research, which was partly funded by the British Heart Foundation, revealed a link between exposure to air pollutants and enlargement of the heart. The study titled "Association Between Ambient Air Pollution and Cardiac Morpho-Functional Phenotypes" was published in the journal Circulation on August 3.


Medical News Today

Eating crickets may benefit your gut health, but is it worth it?

Every neighborhood had the kid that would promise to eat bugs for payment of cash. Lately, more and more scientists are becoming interested in insects.


Newnan Times-Herald

Foods to avoid to help prevent foodborne illnesses

Food safety has been a big issue lately in America, especially with the news coverage of the E. coli outbreak caused by romaine lettuce that happened earlier this year.


Pain News Network

How common is opioid addiction?

As the opioid crisis continues to worsen, there is increased scrutiny of both prescribing levels and fatal overdose rates. The goal of reducing opioid prescriptions is to decrease the exposure to opioids, on the theory that medical use of opioid analgesics is closely linked with addiction and overdose risk.


Reader’s Digest

7 silent signs you could have COPD and not know it

Cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, and other symptoms could seem like a cold or allergies. Here’s how to know if it’s COPD.


Sun Community News

No Movement Yet on Tobacco 21 In Clinton County

As stakeholders statewide push localities to raise the age to legally purchase tobacco from 18 to 21, Clinton County has not yet voted on the measure. “There have been discussions, but no formal action has been taken,” said County Administrator Michael Zurlo.


Washington Post

Tossing aside skepticism, Dem Candidates for Gov push for state based universal health care

The single-payer Democrats are on the ballot in red and blue states and from California, where Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is the heavy favorite to win in November, to Massachusetts, where Democrat Jay Gonzalez believes the issue will give him an opening against a popular Republican governor.


ZME Science News

Child and teen obesity on the rise as they are consuming too much

A new scientific statement from the American Heart Association warns that children and teens should try to wean off of screens. Screen time from any device is associated with an increased amount of sedentary behavior, they explain, which promotes obesity and other health complications associated with lack of physical exercise.


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