As THE voice of public health in Illinois, IPHA is approaching gun violence as a public health crisis, similar to an infectious disease, spreading to epidemic proportions in many communities and requiring urgent responses.  Below is a report produced from our Gun Violence Research Project.  We encourage you to read the report in its entirety to learn more about our findings and recommendations.  



This report used an evidence-based public health approach to better understand, prevent, and reduce the alarming rate of gun violence in both the state of Illinois and the nation by focusing on the root causes and the social/infrastructural contributing factors. The learning of root causes led to the development of policy recommendations with the goal of long-term prevention of gun violence.

More than 33,000 people are fatally shot in the US each year. This report shares policy recommendations based on the top two reasons people lose their lives due to gun violence: gun suicide and gun homicide. This is followed by recommendations on addressing mass shooting (school shootings) and lastly, the report ends with the latest developments on gun related policies in the state of Illinois.


IPHA Report : Gun Violence Research Project

Letter to Congress : Gun Violence Research Project

(This letter was also sent to members of the IL General Assembly, IL Constitutional Officers, and both the Rauner and Pritzker campaign offices.)


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