HIV Third-Party Billing Capacity-Building Webinars and White Papers


HIV Third-Party Billing Capacity-Building White Papers

Telehealth Billing for HIV - Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Telehealth HIV Billing

Telehealth HIV Privacy and Security



HIV Third-Party Billing Capacity-Building Webinars

Telehealth Billing for PrEP

An Introduction to Third-Party Billing and Insurance Enrollment through American Exchange, "American Exchange Services and Solutions":

A Two-Part Webinar Series, “HIV Telehealth Billing” and “HIV Telehealth Privacy and Security”:

Contact Tracing and Telemedicine through Electronic Health Records:

Helpful Tools to Keep Healthcare Clients on Track with Preventive Vaccines During and After a Pandemic:

Billing at a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)

Billing 101 for Healthcare Providers

PrEP Billing for Local Health Departments, Community-Based Organizations, and Other Health Clinics

HIV, Confidentiality, and Third-Party Billing

The Importance of Billing for HIV Services

Billing for PrEP

HIV Billing for Public Health

HIV Coding for Public Health

HIV Contracting for Public Health

HIV Credentialing for Public Health

Credentialing, Contracting, Billing and Coding for Public Health HIV Services

Selecting an EHR, a Guide for Public Health Departments and Community Based Organizations that Provide HIV and STD Services

Breaking Down the Barriers: outreach and marketing to the LGBT community to increase comfort around confidential HIV testing and STI screening

Protecting Confidentiality for HIV Services

Blue Cross Community Health Plans Provider Orientation for Public Health Departments

Meridian Health Plan Informational Webinar for Public Health

IlliniCare Provider Webinar for Public Health

A Third-Party Billing Success Story:  How a Small, Rural Public Health Department is Generating Significant Revenue through Immunization and HIV Billing

Medicaid Managed Care Contracting and Credentialing

  • August 24, 2017

Medicaid Managed Care Contracting and Credentialing

  • April 3, 2017
  • April 10, 2017

Revenue Cycle Management/ Electronic Medical Records Concepts

Billing and Coding for HIV Services

Contracting and Credentialing for HIV Services


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