Webinar:  PrEP Billing for Local Health Departments, Community-Based Organizations, and Other Health Clinics

The IPHA HIV Third-Party Billing Grant is hosting and presenting a webinar for local health departments, community-based organizations, and other health clinics focused on third-party billing of PrEP and related services.

November 7, 2019 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Webinar Objectives:

  • Background on PrEP – What is this HIV prevention tool?  Who can benefit from it?  Who can prescribe it?  Where can clients access it?
  • How can public health organizations in Illinois begin billing for PrEP services?  - What is required for billing?  What payers are covering PrEP services?  What does the PrEP billing process look like?
  • What ancillary services can public health organizations bill related to PrEP? – Quarterly HIV testing, labs related to a PrEP regimen, any other billable items
  • What are the CPT codes related to PrEP and ancillary PrEP services?  What are the typical reimbursement rates for PrEP and ancillary PrEP services?
  • What challenges and best practices can IPHA share regarding billing for PrEP and ancillary PrEP services?



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