“Billing at a Federally Qualified Health Center:  Whiteside County Community Health Clinic:  A Case Study.”

The IPHA HIV Third-Party Billing Grant is pleased to announce the release of our newest white paper, “Billing at a Federally Qualified Health Center:  Whiteside County Community Health Clinic:  A Case Study.”  This white paper, authored by Beth Fiorini, M.S., past Public Health Administrator and Chief Executive Officer of the Whiteside County Health Department/Whiteside County Community Health Clinic, addresses 1) understanding the FQHC model; 2) understanding FQHC billing models, including Medicaid, Medicare, and self-pay; 3) understanding the FQHC sliding fee structure; and 4) understanding the importance of having multiple revenue streams as an FQHC.   


Read the white paper here: Billing at an FQHC White Paper 2019


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