CHIME in Illinois: Leveraging the student and faculty resources of the University of Illinois to help public health agencies with their COVID-19 data analysis.

CHIME in Illinois is a joint initiative between the University of Illinois’ Center for Health Informatics and WHO/PAHO to support the needs of public health agencies during COVID-19. They do this by matching teams of students, faculty, and alumni volunteers with health districts that need additional help handling, analyzing, mapping, or visualizing COVID-19 data. Volunteers come from diverse backgrounds including community health, computer science, statistics, and information management. All projects are conducted with faculty oversight.

They currently have volunteers, many with Master’s degrees, who are waiting for new projects and would like to discuss possible collaborations with local health departments.

More information on the program is available at:

with an FAQ for agencies proposing projects at:





Ian Brooks Ph.D.

Director-Center for Health Informatics: The WHO Collaborating Center on Information Systems for Health

Research Scientist—School of Information Sciences

Faculty Affiliate—NCSA

University of Illinois

616 East Green Street

Suite 210

Champaign, IL 61820



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