Archived Webinar: Flu Vaccine Marketing for Public Health Departments

Flu Vaccine Marketing for Public Health Departments

On Tuesday, July 26, 2016, IPHA hosted a webinar on flu vaccine marketing for local health departments.  

The webinar focused strategies and resources that health departments can use to promote flu vaccinations and publicize vaccination clinics. 

This webinar was presented in cooperation with IPHA’s Flu Vaccine Consortium partner, FFF Enterprises, Inc.


Presenter: John Cerajewski has been with FFF Enterprises since 2003.  He resides in Mt. Vernon, IL and covers four states as a territory manager (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin).  John has a BS in Medical Technology from Indiana University and 25 years of experience in medical products sales and marketing.


Watch Webinar 

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Presentation of available materials to assist in the sales and marketing of flu vaccine and vaccination clinics.
  2. Other resources:  Billing, Clinical, Inventory…
  3. Update on the status of the U.S. Flu Vaccine Market
  4. Review of the products still available to order through the IPHA Flu Vaccine Consortium.

FFF Webinar Presentation Slides


IPHA Sustaining Affiliate Benefit:

The Illinois Public Health Association’s Flu Vaccine Purchasing Consortium is a program that allows Sustaining Affiliate members to maximize their purchasing power and save money.

IPHA has been successful in securing the most competitive pricing by pooling resources and securing bids as a major purchaser of Influenza vaccine.  Our agreement with FFF Enterprises provides influenza vaccine from multiple manufacturers that produce vaccine for the U.S. market. 

IPHA has again negotiated an agreement that will allow all participating IPHA Sustaining Affiliate members to receive a reduction to their IPHA membership dues equal to 2% of the total dollar volume (less excise tax) of vaccine ordered through FFF Enterprises.  

If you have any questions please contact Lanie Cooper


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