Action Alert: Call Governor Rauner TODAY- The Health of Millions is at Stake

Congressional leaders have signaled their intentions to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (the ACA, also known as Obamacare) and fundamentally weaken Medicaid as soon as January 2017. Health coverage for over 1 million Illinoisans is at stake and we need you to speak out for all the progress we have made.

Congress has asked Governor Rauner for input on how they should change the ACA and Medicaid. The Governor has until January 6th to respond, and we must act now to make sure he conveys how important these programs are for our community.


Call Governor Rauner at 312-814-2121(Chicago) OR 217-782-0244 (Springfield) TODAY and let him know what health care means to you and your community! When you call, use the following script:

Hello, my name is _____ and I am a resident of Illinois. Governor Rauner should tell Congress that Illinois benefits from the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid and refuses to move backward. I urge Governor Rauner to stand strong to protect health care access provided by the ACA and Medicaid.


Here are some additional talking points for your call:

  • Protect Our Care!
    It would be a moral outrage to strip people of the lifesaving coverage they have under Obamacare without an immediate plan for a replacement that does not cause millions of people to become uninsured. Delaying a replacement would be harmful to Illinoisans and cause chaos in the insurance markets. Here’s more information about what’s at stake in Illinois.


  • No Medicaid Block Grant or Caps!
    Medicaid is vital for Illinois communities. Medicaid keeps kids healthy and allows them to do better in school; it helps seniors and people with disabilities stay in their homes instead of institutional care. Medicaid expansion has provided coverage to 650,000 new adults, improving access to a wide range of critical health care, including preventive care, chronic disease management, and mental health and substance use disorder services. Block grants and caps will halt this progress in its tracks by forcing a multi-billion dollar cut in federal support, which is both the aim and the effect of block grants and caps.


  • We Will Not Go Back to the Pre-ACA Days!
    Obamacare and Medicaid expansion protects us from discrimination against pre-existing conditions and financial ruin in a crisis; it provides insurance coverage to those who cannot afford it; it helps us work; it allows us to contribute to our communities and our state; it is critical for raising our families. We will not surrender this progress!


  • Share your story of how Medicaid or other health coverage helped you and your family.
    Have you been able to afford needed treatment? Gotten back to work? What would happen if you lost your health care coverage?


Please act now and make sure our state is on record as supporting health coverage for ALL our communities.  

We can win this fight, but only with your help!


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