NPHW 2021 : Galvanizing Climate Justice

Today is NPHW Student Day and the day we focus on galvanizing climate justice. As global temperatures rise and greenhouse gas emissions worsen air quality, threats to public health like heat stroke rates and respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses increase. Structural racism has pushed lower-income communities and many people of color to areas that have fewer resources and more climate vulnerability, such as flood zone and urban heat islands.


We all must work to address these issues, and students are at the forefront. APHA’s Center for Climate, Health and Equity has recognized five student groups taking action on climate this NPHW. Today’s Public Health Newswire post features an NPHW message from former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, who reminds us that “climate change is an environmental injustice.”


Want to better support students and early career professionals? APHA and the Student Assembly are hosting a Lessons in Mentoring panel discussion at noon ET today. RSVP to get the webinar link. Are you a student ready to hit the job market? At 5 p.m. ET, join APHA and a dynamic panel of young professionals as they discuss the transition from public health student to public health professional. This webinar will be livestreamed at


Today also marks the first day of APHA’s Policy Action Institute “Building Bridges: Creating Health.” This two-day virtual meeting brings elected officials, policy experts and influential speakers together to explore such topics as health equity, COVID-19, climate change, the federal health agendas and how to effectively put policy into action. Want to talk to your elected officials about the importance of today’s theme? Send an action alert today to tell your members of Congress to protect the public’s health from the impact of climate change. 



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