IPHA Policy Briefs: Local Health Department Liability and Immigrant Health in Illinois

Benedictine University Department of Public Health Students Present on Local Health Department Liability and Immigrant Health in Illinois

On Friday, May 21, students from Benedictine University's Department of Public Health presented to the IPHA Legislative Committee on two pollicy briefs. The first policy brief, Local Health Department Liability - COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Vaccine Allocation, brings to light the challenges Local Health Departments are facing in response to the pandemic at the local level, especially with regards to contact tracing and vaccine distribution efforts.


The second policy brief, Immigrant Health in Illinois: Medical Mistrust - COVID-19 Vaccines, works to assess immigrant health in Illinois as it pertains to medical distrust and COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, as well as access to healthcare and insurance coverage for both documented and undocumented immigrants. This brief makes recommendations to promote COVID-19 vaccine confidence, encourage rapport-building and trust in the healthcare system, and support community outreach efforts that will provide better health outcomes for the immigrant populations in Illinois.


View the presentation slide deck.


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