Take Action Today: Help tackle equity and social justice in public health with appropriation for HB 3504

Dear public health partner,

Equity and social justice demand public health and health care interventions that address root causes, social determinants of health, and health disparities. Urge legislators TODAY to make a state investment of $4.7 million to the Illinois Department of Public Health to conduct the Healthy Illinois Survey (HB 3504).

The health and economic challenges of the COVID pandemic have reinforced that now is the time to invest in a strong public health infrastructure where data is readily available about trends and health conditions statewide and in local communities. Traditional public health data on births, causes of deaths, behavioral risks and various diseases collected by existing methods do not do enough to help communities, healthcare providers, local governments and the state understand local health concerns and community and social factors associated with health. Comprehensive, relevant, and current public health data can be used to better understand the environmental, neighborhood and social factors associated with health and develop, implement and measure progress of interventions to address health inequities.

Join colleagues in asking your legislator to vote “yes” on HB 3504 and ensure the $4.7 million appropriation for the survey is included in the fiscal year 2022 budget.

Thank you!


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