Justice Voices Episode 3, Part 1: Donna Lomelino

Justice Voices Episode 3, Part 1: Donna Lomelino

This Episode 3 of Justice Voices will be emotionally intense.

Some prisons are physical, made of concrete and steel. Other prisons are psychological.

Women and children trapped in the psychological prison of abusive domestic relationships may not only deny their imprisonment to themselves and others, but even fight off efforts by family, friends, police, and prosecutors to rescue them from a dangerous, sometimes even deadly situation.

This episode will give you the opportunity to see that reality through the eyes of a victim of a lifetime of physical and sexual abuse.

In this part 1 of a two-part episode, you’ll meet Donna Lomelino, of Springfield, Illinois, who works with a faith-based organization helping homeless women and children who are victims of abuse.

Talking to her today you’d likely never suspect that she, herself, was a victim of a lifetime of abuse from her childhood until the time as a young adult when she was sent to prison for a horrific crime committed by an abusive boyfriend, a crime committed while she was absent and had been absent for a couple of weeks while working out of state, a crime that ripped her heart out, but for which she was nevertheless held criminally accountable under Illinois law as interpreted and applied by a prosecutor and judges.

How could that be you may ask? Indeed. Good question.

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Justice Voices is a video podcast program featuring stories that need to be told and voices that need to be heard regarding criminal justice, including restorative justice. The host, David Risley, is a former career federal prosecutor and former Director of Public Safety Policy in the Illinois Governor's office (Link to personal website: https://david-risley.com) Most episodes will feature interviews with returned citizens who will relate their lived experience before, during, and after going to prison, starting with a series of interviews of some of Mr. Risley's former defendants, starting with Lynard Joiner, who will co-host many episodes. The objective of Justice Voices is two-fold: (1) educate the public about criminal justice issues; and (2) give healing voice to those who stories about crime and the justice system need to be told, including both perpetrators of crimes and victims. Copyright notice: David Risley asserts copyright to "Justice Voices" and "JusticeVoices".


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