Action Alert: Sugary Drinks Tax

Your action is needed! 

It’s 2017 and our State still doesn’t have a budget. There is some hope in Springfield as the Senate leadership is proposing ideas and considering a tentative plan. What’s more encouraging is that the proposed sugary drinks tax is on the table as a potential revenue source.

Please send a message to your State elected officials and ask that he/she support a sugary drinks tax as part of the State budget!

Our State can’t have a balanced budget without some new revenue sources. Alone, a sugary drinks tax will not solve our budget issues, but it will help provide revenue and more importantly help to improve the health of our State’s residents.

50% of added sugar consumed by Americans comes from sugary drinks, which are linked to diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses. A sugary drinks tax is a particularly important source of new revenue as it will save lives, relieve immeasurable suffering and help close a major drain on our State budget, health care system and economy.

Send a message to your State elected officials and thank the leaders for proposing this solution to our State’s financial and health crisis!

Click here to send a message to your State elected officials 


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