Event Reminder: Health Actions for Immigrant Rights

Health Actions for Immigrant Rights


WHEN:  Friday, February 10


TIME: 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


WHERE: UIC School of Public Health, 1603 W Taylor, Chicago, Room 132


“Immigrants are woven into the social fabric, political landscape, and economy of the United States. Research shows that documented and undocumented immigrants make significant contributions as diligent tax payers, home owners, job creators, and workers in the United States, challenging perceptions that immigrants drain the U.S. economy and disproportionately tax the local public health system.....NACCHO encourages local health departments to act on race, ethnicity, class, gender, and other types of oppression as the significant root causes of health inequity among documented and undocumented immigrants.” (National Association of County & City Health Officials)


Join Health Activist:  Network and share strategies on how our organizations can take action to protect everyone in our communities


Target Audience: Public Health practitioners, health care organizations, health workers, Community Health Centers, social service workers



  1. Review resource document from Human Impact Partner’s “Public Health Actions for Immigrant Rights: A Short Guide to Protecting Undocumented Residents and Their Families for the Benefit of Public Health and All Society.” Available online at Public Health Actions for Immigrant Rights.
  2. Network and review additional resources and actions for public health institutions, community health workers, public health leaders, front line health workers, and students.



Meeting called by:

Collaborative for Health Equity, Cook County; Commissioner Jesús García 7th District Cook County Health Task Force; Health & Medicine Policy Research Group; UIC School of Public Health, Coordinating Center for Public Health Practice.


Public Health Action Guide


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