Celebrating AmeriCorps Week 2017: Members Share Why They Serve In IPHA AmeriCorps Program

Our AmeriCorps Week 2017 celebration continues!


Our current AmeriCorps Members complete the sentence "I am serving in the IPHA AmeriCorps Program because…"


"... I want to help people with their health issues. People deserve to be taken care of when they are sick; they also deserve health care that provides adequate coverage. By joining IPHA AmeriCorps I have been able to touch numerous lives and help them meet their needs and gain access to resources that they require to lead a healthy life." -Alfred, AIDS Foundation of Chicago

"... everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable healthcare regardless of the language they speak or the country they come from." -Ben, Erie Family Health Center

"... I am a recent community health education graduate and I wanted to gain a year of health education/public health experience before continuing on with my graduate degree. I wanted to learn more about the different aspects of the public health field and immerse myself in a unique experience that would be invaluable to me as I continue with my professional career." -Rachel, Kane County Health Department

"... I want to make a difference in Public Health through Lee County Volunteer Corps, a program developed through collaboration between Lee County Emergency Management, Lee County Health Department, and Lee County Sheriff’s Department.  Lee County is home to me and I like knowing that my home is safe in case of disaster.  I would never have had this experience if I hadn’t served two terms as an AmeriCorps Member." -Christiana, Lee County Health Department

"... it’s a great way to help my community and gain public health experience!" -Lindsay, Schuyler County Health Department

"... I have a strong passion for reaching communities and populations that otherwise might not have access to resources they need to get and stay healthy." -Liza, Erie Family Health Center

"... I want to be involved with my community to see positive change. I want to be able to help educate and serve those who need services the most, and through partnerships and collaborations be able to see positive impact and our communities thrive." -Maria, Kane County Health Department

"... it is a way to build a leadership, communication skills, and accountability in the workplace.  IPHA AmeriCorps is also a great way to network with individuals in your health field." -Ribbian, St. Clair County Health Department


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