We are excited to announce that IPHA and the Illinois Primary Health Care Association have secured a booth at the Illinois State Fair for COVID outreach! The theme is A Harvest of Innovation: Science, the farm, and you! When most of us think of science, a laboratory probably comes to mind. But so many innovations were made for the farm. And even though breakthroughs like GMOs or seed treatments have at times been considered controversial, they have proved to be safe and are trusted to keep the world healthy and fed. The COVID-19 vaccine is no different. It uses existing science to protect everyone from the smallest farming communities to the biggest cities. And since our country needs our farmers, keeping them healthy should be a top priority and we need to embrace the vaccine to do so. After all, why should trusting science stop at your health? Stop by and visit us outside of the Coliseum during the Illinois State Fair on August 11-21!



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