Communicating the Value of Public Health: Building Capacity to Share Stories and Speak with One Voice

Communicating the Value of Public Health

Building Capacity to Share Stories and Speak with One Voice


Everyone benefits when communities are healthy and safe.

Public health professionals often work behind the scenes to safeguard people and communities by addressing major health challenges. Still, too few stakeholders truly understand the vital—and seemingly invisible—role public health plays in creating safe and healthy workplaces, schools, neighborhoods, and individuals.

In order for this important work to continue, public health professionals need to communicate better with stakeholders (including legislators, funders, and community members) about the value of their work. Stories of impact and value can help assure public and financial support stays strong into the future, so that everyone, everywhere continues to benefit from healthy and safe communities.

This shared need for greater outreach and communication inspired public health organizations to convene and form the Illinois Strategic Communication Leadership Project. The overarching goal is to make it easier to communicate the value of public health.


Please use the following hand outs to help your organization share the value of public health:

IL SCL Message Springboard Handout With Messages




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