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Public Health Job Board

Chicago Department of Public Health (Full Time)

Chicago Department of Public Health

2133 W Lexington
chicago, IL 60612

Maribel Chavez-Torres


Job Description

As an essential member of the CDPH Food Protection Program, the Sanitarian II conducts inspections of establishments that process, prepare, and/or serve food to enforce food safety, sanitation codes, and licensing requirements and conducts inspections of swimming pools and spas to enforce environmental health codes and licensing requirements.
· Inspects the physical condition of food establishments (e.g., restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, wholesalers, special or summer food events or programs, and kitchens in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc.) to enforce food safety and sanitation codes and licensing requirements.
· Inspects the physical condition of swimming pools and spas (e.g., indoor, outdoor) to enforce environmental health codes and licensing requirements ·
· Inspects equipment for proper bacterial sanitization, hygiene practices, and temperature control.
· Issues citations for violations of food safety and sanitation codes
· May collect samples for laboratory analysis.
· Conducts exterior inspections of establishments in response to complaints involving possible sanitary violations (e.g., overflowing garbage dumpsters, rodent activity, etc.)
· Advises owners or managers on safety standards, existing violations, regulations regarding various environmental, health, and safety issues and methods for compliance.
· Re-inspects establishments cited for violations to ensure corrective actions have been taken. Testifies in Administrative Hearings regarding violations.
· Conducts special inspections in conjunction with other city departments and agencies and in response to potential cases of food-borne illnesses, as required.
· Prepares and maintains inspection reports, records and supporting documentation (e.g., photos)
· Responds to inquiries on health code violations, complaints, and compliance methods. Assists in training lower-level Sanitarians to conduct inspections.

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