IPHA Annual Business Meeting | December 14, 2023 at 1:00PM CST

All active IPHA members are invited to attend. Each paid member carries one vote in Association business matters. Zoom link and materials will be posted one week prior to the meeting.

Group Purchasing

Vaccine Purchasing Consortium

IPHA’s Vaccine Purchasing Consortium program


IPHA’s Vaccine Purchasing Consortium program is designed to help local health departments and healthcare organizations maximize their purchasing power with vaccine suppliers for flu vaccines. The Purchasing Consortium allows member organizations  to take advantage of highly competitive pricing from a variety of manufacturers, with no advanced payment required, and earn rebates they can use towards their IPHA membership dues.

Established in 1996, this program has two primary objectives: to ensure timely shipments of vaccines, and to take advantage of all available discounts by purchasing vaccines in large quantities. With a dramatic rise in the cost of the flu vaccine over the past several years, IPHA has been successful in securing the most competitive pricing due to large volume purchases.

The Vaccine Purchasing Consortium provides flu vaccines from multiple manufacturers that produce vaccines for the U.S. market. There are three important features of the Consortium:


  1. Consortium members may select requested delivery dates by ordering online at www.myfluvaccine.com .
  2. When ordering through the website or by phone/fax, IPHA members are not required to meet an advanced payment. No deposit is required; however, members must make payments within 60 days following the invoice date, which they will receive after their vaccine shipment arrives.
  3. In addition to offering highly competitive vaccine pricing, IPHA members will receive a 2% rebate as an offset to their membership dues.


FFF Enterprises, Inc. is a valued partner in helping IPHA fulfil its mission to improve the health of Illinois residents.

Organizations interested in participating in the Vaccine Consortium should contact Phil Talley, Program Manager.


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