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General Election Update

November 08, 2022

Ben Lazare Consulting


The 2022 midterm elections solidified Illinois as a solidly blue state with Democrats winning big up and down the ticket. Democrats benefited from a huge fundraising advantage as well as the newly drawn congressional and legislative districts which were crafted under their control.

Democrats easily swept all statewide offices winning by double digit margins in every race. U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth won re-election and Governor JB Pritzker, along with Lt Governor Juliana Stratton, won a second term. Attorney General Kwame Raoul, Comptroller Susana Mendoza and Treasurer Michael Frehrichs all won reelection. Democrat Alexi Giannoulias will replace long-standing Secretary of State Jesse White who did not seek reelection.

At the Congressional level, Democrats picked up one seat increasing their majority to 14D – 3 R. Democrats also maintained their majority on the Illinois Supreme Court with Democrats winning both of the contested Supreme Court races increasing their majority to 5D-2R.

Democrats maintained their supermajority status in the Illinois General Assembly. While some races remain too close to call, the House Democrats are expected to increase their supermajority to an unprecedented 77D-41R when all votes are counted. While Senate Democrats are projected to lose two incumbents, they will still hold a 39D – 20R supermajority.

Following last night’s losses, House Republican Leader Jim Durkin announced this morning that he will not seek another term as House Republican Leader. In his statement Durkin said "It's time for the Illinois Republican Party to rebuild with new leaders who can bring independents back to the party that are needed to bring change to the state."

Winners are highlighted below in yellow. Some races remain too close to call and the outcome of some races may change as Early Voting and Vote by Mail ballots are counted over the course of the next two weeks.

Constitutional officers will be sworn into office on Monday, January 9th. The 103rd General Assembly will be sworn into office on Wednesday, January 11th.

CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT: The fate of a proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution remains too close to call. Approval of the measure requires 3/5ths vote on the question or a majority of those voting in the election.

Illinois Voters were asked to vote on an amendment to the Illinois constitution which would guarantee workers have the “fundamental right to organize and to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing for the purpose of negotiating wages, hours, and working conditions, and to protect their economic welfare and safety at work”. The Chicago Tribune covers the support and opposition for the amendment here.


Democrats won all statewide races.





United States Senate

Tammy Duckworth (I)

Kathy Salvi

Bill Redpath


JB Pritzker (I)

Darren Bailey

Scott Schluter

Attorney General

Kwame Raoul (I)

Thomas DeVore

Daniel Robin

Secretary of State

Alexi Giannoulias

Dan Brady

Jon Stewart


Susana Mendoza

Shannon Teresi

Deirdre McCloskey


Michael Frerichs

Tom Demmer

Preston Nelson



There were two contested elections for seats on the Supreme Court. Democrats prevailed in both races.




2nd District*

Elizabeth Rochford

Mark Curran Jr

3rd District

Mary K. O’Brien

Michael Burke (I)

*Denotes Open Seat



Illinois lost one Congressional seat following the decennial census. Despite the loss of a seat, Democrats increased their majority to 14-3.

Congressman Sean Casten (D) survived a strong challenge from Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau (R). In the 13th Congressional District, Nikki Budzinski (D), a former aid to Governor JB Pritzker, defeated Regan Derring (R) in this newly drawn district. In the 17th Congressional District, Eric Sorenson (D) defeated Esther Joy King (R) to replace Congresswoman Cherri Bustos won did not seek reelection.

Congressman Jesus “Chuy” Garcia easily won reelection. It is widely speculated that he will announce his candidacy for Chicago Mayor in the coming days.





1st Congressional *

Jonathan Jackson

Eric Carlson

2nd Congressional

Robin Kelly (I)

Thomas Lynch

3rd Congressional *

Delia Ramirez

Justin Burau

4th Congressional

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia (I)

James Falakos

Edward Hershey (Working Class Party)

5th Congressional

Mike Quigley (I)

Tommy Hanson

Jerico Cruz (Independent)

6th Congressional

Sean Casten (I)

Keith Pekau

8th Congressional

Raja Krishnamoorthi (I)

Chris Dargis

9th Congressional

Janice Schakowsky (I)

Maxwell Rice

10th Congressional

Brad Schneider

Joseph Severino

11th Congressional

Bill Foster (I)

Catalina Lauf

12th Congressional

Homer “Chip” Markel

Mike Bost (I)

13th Congressional *

Nikki Budzinski

Regan Deering



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