January 11, 2016

I would like to welcome new members to IPHA and thank them for their support and confidence in our work. Thank you to Tazewell County Health Department, Jefferson County Health Department, Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois, Illinois Rural Health Association and The Lupus Society of Illinois.

This past month I met with Josh Evans, Vice President of Government Relations for the Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (IARF) to discuss how we can collaborate and how they can help improve our work in behavioral health. Many local health departments have indicated that mental health issues are a growing concern locally and I hope this collaboration with IARF will yield some benefits to our members. Additionally, I want to draw your attention to the latest 2015 survey results from the Illinois Alzheimer’s Association. This survey is on the IPHA web site and has some interesting conclusions.

IPHA staff met with Hanson Information Systems, our web site consultant, and VoterVoice, the new grassroots advocacy tool we have signed on to, and we are working to load the system onto the IPHA website. This is a fantastic new resource for IPHA/IAPHA advocacy and I invite all of you to look at the VoterVoice website at VoterVoice.net to look at this product. Additionally, when we are fully functional we will host a webinar for our members to view the capabilities of the system in more detail. This will send our advocacy potential to the next level and we are all very excited to see this happening.

Lastly, IPHA is joining the APHA National Campaign against Racism. We have an adhoc committee appointed to guide us on this subject and I have reached out to Ramon Gardenhire of AFC to prepare an article for Viewpoint on the state of African American men in society and the challenges they face today.   This is important work and IPHA must be a partner in this discussion.

2016……Moving forward thanks to all of you!


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