Illinois' State of Tobacco Control

On January 27, 2021, the American Lung Association released their 19th annual “State of Tobacco Control” 2021 report. The American Lung Association’s 2021 “State of Tobacco Control” report finds that even amid the pandemic, tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure remain serious public health threats and the nation’s leading cause of preventable death and disease, taking an estimated 480,000 lives every year. In addition to tobacco-related death and disease, smoking also increases the risk of the most severe impacts of COVID-19, making ending tobacco use more important than ever.

State of Tobacco Control 2021 shows that states are by and large not doing what we know it takes to prevent and reduce tobacco use. 

  • “State of Tobacco Control” 2021 gave Illinois grades in five areas that have been proven to prevent and reduce tobacco use and save lives (details attached):
    • Funding for State Tobacco Prevention Programs: F
    • Strength of Smokefree Workplace Laws: A
    • Level of State Tobacco Taxes: C
    • Coverage and Access to Services to Quit Tobacco: D
    • New Category: Ending the Sale of All Flavored Tobacco Products: F
  • “State of Tobacco Control” 2021 grades the federal government in five areas:
    • Federal Government Regulation of Tobacco Products: D
    • Federal Coverage of Quit Smoking Treatments: D
    • Level of Federal Tobacco Taxes: F
    • Federal Mass Media Campaigns to Prevent and Reduce Tobacco Use: A
    • Federal Minimum Age of Sale for Tobacco Products to 21: A

Key actions and the proven-effective public policies called for in the American Lung Association’s “State of Tobacco Control” help provide a blueprint for federal and state leaders to save lives and end the tobacco epidemic:

  • Illinois must
  1. Protect tobacco prevention funding  
  2. Include e-cigarettes in the Smoke-free Illinois Act 
  3. Expand Medicaid coverage for tobacco cessation counseling


The Biden Administration has an important opportunity to change the current trajectory of tobacco use in our nation.  It can address key actions to prevent and reduce tobacco use that remain unfinished from the past two Administrations, in addition to using its authority to remove all flavored tobacco products from the market. Related to this, please take action on the ALA's action alert calling on the Biden Administration to remove all flavored tobacco products from the marketplace.  The report also lays out what Congress must do.


Learn more about “State of Tobacco Control” 2021 by visiting and share it on social media using the hashtag #StateofTobaccoControl.

View the Illinois Report Card



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