Public Health Matters Video Podcast Series with David Risley

IPHA has launched a YouTube video podcast titled "Public Health Matters," featuring conversations with experts on public health topics of current interest. Podcast episodes are published as a playlist on the IPHA YouTube channel at this link:

Current episodes include the first two installments of a series of conversations with experts about Hepatitis B, as well as a conversation with Jamar Scott of Springfield School District 186 about their grant-funded program for recruiting and supporting the education of teachers of color.

Given the link between community health and economic health, future episodes will include a series of "Small Business Navigator" conversations about how to start a small business or create a not-for-profit organization (funded by a grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity).

To help spread the word about these and other episodes, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and click on the "like" button for episodes you watch. The more subscribers and likes, the more YouTube shares our videos with others.


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