Supporting the Non-Traditional Health Care Workforce: Community Health Workers and Promotores

Read moreCommunity health workers and promotores (CHW/Ps) are increasingly playing an integral role in the health care system to support patients with complex health and social needs. From helping patients navigate the complicated health care system, to accompanying them to visits with providers, CHW/Ps’ flexible role and deep connection with the communities they serve make them a valuable workforce. With support from the California Health Care Foundation, the Center for Health Care Strategies is examining the critical value that CHW/Ps bring to the health care system and identifying new opportunities to maximize the use of this workforce.

This blog post highlights how health care organizations in California and other states are deploying and funding CHW/Ps. It outlines key lessons to support this non-traditional health care workforce, including: (1) identifying sustainable funding; (2) leveraging existing programs; (3) providing a career path; and (4) managing workloads.



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More and more community-based organizations, health care systems, and payers are recognizing the value of community health workers and promotores (CHW/Ps) — staff whose most powerful credentials are their own personal knowledge and experiences. This brief, made possible through support from the California Health Care Foundation, explores how CHW/Ps are connecting communities to health services in California and around the country. It highlights examples demonstrating how CHW/Ps add value to health care organizations and how their work is financed, as well as emerging opportunities to scale and sustain the CHW/P role. Read the brief »